S.P.E.A.R SYSTEM: The Total Tool Box

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 Whether you're looking to enhance your personal skills or become the SME for your unit or agency, this collection of DVDs takes you through the skills & drills you need to go from student to instructor to expert witness. 


You get: 

- S.P.E.A.R SYSTEM: Sharpening & Strengthening Drills

- S.P.E.A.R SYSTEM: Science & Psychology (3 volumes)

- S.P.E.A.R SYSTEM: Operator & CQB Drills

- S.P.E.A.R SYSTEM: Applications for the Gunfight

- S.P.E.A.R SYSTEM: History, Rationale, Key Components. 


Get all 5 DVD's and jump-start your certification process. SAVE OVER $70. 


*Attending and graduating from our S.P.E.A.R SYSTEM 'train-the-trainer' certification program is required to teach the S.P.E.A.R SYSTEM in your agency. *YOU MUST BE LAW ENFORCEMENT TO ORDER