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Our goal was to completely upgrade the suit with all the feedback we received over the past several years. These are just a few of the things we accomplished:

- The suit can now be adapted to meet the users needs whether they are an MMA fighter or in the military
- User can put on the suit without assistance
- Helmet has increased impact protection against strikes, training blades, and marking rounds using Poron XRD
- No attachments necessary to use the helmet with marking rounds
- Improved material and impact reduction throughout the entire suit

- Extreme impact reduction and protection with Poron XRD Reactive Defense material, the latest technology in impact reduction
- Injection-molded scenario face SHIELD that can lock into place, retract, or be removed completely to adapt to MMA mode
- Fully enclosed to be used with training blades without them coming through the mask
- ANTI-FOG visor can be easily removed and cleaned
- Adapts to both MMA and mil/LE training scenarios
- Training marking cartridges should personally test marking cartridges before using the helmet to ensure safety
- XRD Increased side impact protection
- Back panel reinforced with heavy HDPE to protect from crush impacts
- Internal cinch strap for a secure fit
- One size fits all
- Made in the U.S.A.

- Poron XRD impact reduction chest plate/collar bone protector
- Removable shoulder pads
- Comfortable/secure cummerbund closure system (simulates plate carrier)
- 4" hook and loop tab locks the torso to the shorts

- Increased mobility for kicking and knees
- Increased impact reduction on heavy hit areas
- Zippers allow for easy dressing and removal when wearing thicker pants and keep them tight when wearing compression shorts
- Pocket in the front to put a cup or frontal protection of the user's choice

- HDPE and foam combination for impact protection
- Lycra and spandex combo straps for comfort and functionality. Can now be worn against the skin with no irritation
- Arm straps are designed to make closure with one hand much faster

- Reduced size makes them functional and mobile in a scenario driven environment
- Specifically designed to reduce impact and abrasion to the hands 

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  • Small (S)  4'11" to 5'4" approx 90 lbs to 120 lbs
  • Medium (M)  5-4" to 5'11" approx 120 lbs to 190 lbs
  • Large (L)  5'11" to 6'4" approx 190 lbs to 230 lbs
  • Extra large (XL)  6'4"+  approximately 230 lbs and up

The vast majority of High Gear sales are Medium and Large sizing.  If you think you are in between these two sizes or if you are buying a suit for your training center we generally recommend that you opt for a Large

*High Gear Transport Bag sold separately, click here to order.

High Gear is a hand crafted high quality product. Due to its high demand, production & delivery time is approximately 3-6 weeks.



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