Women's Self Defense and Mental Edge Package

From Mind-set to Movement
If you are ready to inject scenario concepts and explore physical training too, then I'd encourage you to get my WOMAN'S SELF-DEFENSE video series.  I used my wife to film in.  She had no background, no training, no prep.  We shot live, all in one take to show people how natural movement should look and how integrating instinctive tactics fuelled by emotion and some scenario awareness could really change performance.

WARNING, this 2-volume DVD is not just for women, it’s an awesome video for coaches, self-defense instructors, husbands, fiancés and boyfriends, anyone who wants to enhance the safety of someone they care about.  

With the Mental Edge Package, you get all three of Mr. Blauer's audios at one special price!

Controlling and Incorporating F.E.A.R. is YOUR Key To Optimum Growth & Confidence! The truth is we are attacked thousands of times over the course of our lives. The majority of these are not attacks on our body but attacks on our mind and our spirit !


1 - Cerebral Self-Defense: The Mental Edge
2 - Performance Enhancement Psychology
3 - Meta-Cognition: Unleashing your Warrior Intuition

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