About BTS

Tony Blauer's philosophy and mission has remained constant since 1979. He has always searched for a better way. He has not tried to perpetuate a style; instead he has tried to educate an international community on the importance of psychology, fear management and behaviorally sound tactics. More importantly, he has passionately shared his research to the martial arts and combative community through his seminars, articles, videos and audio's.

Tony's company, Blauer Tactical Systems (BTS) along with his Personal Defense Readiness™ (PDR.) team continues to research and evolve personal and professional safety training and products.

The emotional and psychological arena is Tony Blauer's domain, his research is used the world over and can easily be incorporated and implemented into a personal or professional defense strategy and/or practice.

If you're interested in personal safety or you're an instructor or trainer looking for new information to share with your students, we invite you to experience Tony Blauer's research on fear management, close quarter tactics and simulation training.

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