Customer Policy

1. Temporarily Out-of-Service: Have you ever noticed how much 'service sucks' in so many places? I have and it frustrates me to no end, because in the end, interaction is about humans connecting and benefiting from their interaction, but that connection starts with other words, many companies fail in the 'respect' arena, failing to remember, without 'you', the customer, they don't exist!

As my company grows, I never want to lose sight of that and from the feedback we get, my team is doing an excellent job.

2. The customer is always right (Yeah right): How many of those 'mission statement' signs have you read while waiting for service that never materializes? So this policy dovetails from the last regarding service.... our website, our insight, and our seminars exist for the benefit of our customers, not the staff or the owners. If you are mistreated, misinformed or simply missed in some way by anyone on our team, please notify me and I will look into the matter personally. Simply e-mail me.

3. Can we ask you a stupid question? When you call, you get a free T-shirt if anyone on our staff says to you, "Can I interest you in one of our latest products 'such & such'?" or some other stupid question without first trying to understand what your needs are. When our staff asks you a question, it'll be a good one based on your needs, not our stock!

4. Don't call us, we'll call you: With the electronic ease of the Internet and computers, trying to get a live person to answer 'your' question gets harder & harder. Not here. If you have questions about which direction to take, where to start, how to cross-train with our system, which videos will compliment your current style and so on...please, please call us! Even if you have questions about our seminars, the P.D.R. program or HIGH GEAR™ Scenario Training equipment, call us! We have three lines and several on staff, so if you get our answering service, we are in, but tied up, so please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

5. Before you call: Do your homework. Please remember that we serve thousands of clients a year, receive over 15,000 e-mail's a year and provide over 250 seminar days a year, so when you call us, remember our time and resources are genuinely limited. (We can't give private lessons over the phone!!) And some times, there are three lines ringing simultaneously, so before you call, to facilitate the process, read our articles on the website. Read the video descriptions. Ask yourself some honest questions about where you want to improve, what you feel are the limitations of your personal arsenal? And so on. Then dial us up.

6. Rated R: Our videos detail, discuss, depict and dissect real violence. They are rated 'R' for raw, real and at times raunchy. If you are unfamiliar with any of the 'R' words listed above, perhaps you shouldn't be using your mom's credit card at this time. In other words, real violence is an assault on the senses, so are our tapes.

Be sure to read the FAQ's for more info on our videos.

7. We have tapes & products for all levels: We produce videos for beginners, for self-defense teachers and for DT & Combatives instructors. If you call or e-mail, please provide us with some insight into who you are and what you're looking for, this will better help us to make intelligent suggestions.

If you request information regarding the LEO or military courses or products you will need to provide verifiable ID or contact info. This is for everyone's security. Several of our programs and concepts are restricted to only these professionals, in other words, our respect for the professional warrior - their trust in us and our integrity is not for sale.

8. Substitutions? Of course, you're the customer! We offer many bundles and packages and with over 60 (and growing) products, its quite possible that you already own some of our videos, audios, manuals, gear etc. but still want a new package. No problem, we will gladly substitute any video for one of equal value or work something out. *DO YOU ALREADY OWN OUR VHS TAPES? Please Note that we have transferred our entire video library to DVD. During this process we modified the titles and grouped them into categories. Please download this PDF file to compare our old titles with the new ones. click here for new titles

9. Politics & Ego: Remember, you and you alone are responsible for your safety and that of your family's. There is no place for politics or ego in a real street confrontation and that is why we have specifically designed our system without boundaries, without ritual, without convention, so that it can be purely evaluated and absorbed on a strategic and tactical level.

10. Can't make it to a course you've registered for? If you cancel 21 days prior to the commencement date of the course, then your tuition payment will be refunded in full. Within 21 days, no refund will be given, however, arrangements will be made to credit your payment to a future Blauer Tactical course or seminar.


Thanks again for your trust and interest, we're doing our best at Blauer Tactical Inc.®. If you have constructive criticism, please let us know; if we can make our service better, faster, easier, then by all means, share your thoughts, please e-mail us.

"Train Hard & Stay Safe"

-Tony Blauer
& CEO of B.T.C.M.S.


While the Internet and our e-commerce do provide a discreet, secure, encrypted service, we still want to remind you that our staff members are willing, able and interested in speaking with you!

Between the hours of 9 A.M. & 5 P.M. PST, Monday to Friday, we can be reached TOLL FREE at:

(877) 773-2748 in North America.