PDR/BYOB MANUAL digital copy

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Be Your Own Bodyguard Manual

Coach Blauer has finalized a new and improved version of the Be Your Own Bodyguard Manual!

He's excited by the new format and as times are changing and many people are moving to digital only formats, Coach Blauer has decided make the new version a color PDF that you can view on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

You will be able to download the manual and print it out if you would like to.

In 1994 Coach Blauer wrote an article called the 10 Street Fighting Guides.  People from all over the world resonated with and embraced his confrontation psychology and performance enhancement principles with open arms and open minds.  

Chapters include:

  • The Original 10 Commandments which are still relevant into today's training
  • The Overkill Training Mentality
  • Destructive Street Fight kicking
  • Street Modified Boxing
  • Close Quarter Range
  • Street Fight Ballistic Grappling
  • Street Psychology (The Forgotten Range)
  • Combining Ranges for the Street
  • Integrating the research with your Style
  • Street Self-Defense for Beginners